Michael Childers and Glenn Carlson


In 2009 Michael was a weaver and board member at Woods Hall. Knowing that the Craft Shop needed more repeat traffic, Michael and Glenn did some brainstorming about ideas to make a handmade staple that the Craft Shop could keep in stock.

They started doing research online, put together the outline of a business plan, and started to experiment in their kitchen. They dreamed up a small assortment of original color and fragrance combinations, and created names with island associations. They made small batches of candles, melting wax in a small 6 quart reconfigured Presto Pot. In 2011 they put the first batch of candles in the Woods Hall Craft Shop to see what would happen. People seemed to like the idea and began to buy Madeline Island Candles, and before they knew what had happened, candle pouring had taken over their kitchen and dining room.

So to maintain domestic tranquility, they moved the candle factory to town and opened a small storefront/candle factory in La Pointe in 2012. The line of candles continued to expand as they created new ideas, and they found themselves able to provide part-time employment during the summer season to two other wonderful island residents.

As business continued to grow, in 2014 they expanded the factory/shop once again, and now they are in a lovely historic house right across from the ferry landing, where you can watch candles being made, and purchase an expanded line of wares. Be sure to stop in!

There have been bumps and starts along the way, but we are proud to offer quality, environmentally friendly candles, made by islanders, for you to enjoy!
— Michael Childers and Glenn Carlson, Founders, Madeline Island Candles

Woods Hall is proud to have served as the "incubator" for this successful island enterprise! Michael and Glenn continue to contribute 10% of the profits from their business to Woods Hall, and Woods Hall continues to offer Madeline Island Candles for sale at the Craft Shop.

Visit their website at www.madelineislandcandles.com.

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