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"Weaving Southwest" Workshop

  • Woods Hall Craft Shop 712 Main Street La Pointe, WI 54850 (map)

Join us as we bring a little bit of the Southwest to Madeline Island! 

June 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
10 am – 5 pm daily

Weaving Southwest in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico

Weaving Southwest in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico

Teresa Loveless
of Weaving Southwest in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico

will be teaching a five-day full-immersion tapestry weaving course covering everything you would want to know about Southwestern-style tapestry techniques. This course is geared towards experienced weavers, but is also open to complete beginners. 

Weaving Southwest Tapestry.jpg

Over the five days you will:

  • Learn how to prepare your loom for production and/or hobby weaving.
  • Learn how to create Southwestern influenced designs.
  • Explore the traditional techniques that are also used for contemporary Southwestern-style tapestry weaving.
  • Experiment with various finishing techniques used for rugs, blankets and tapestries.
  • Learn various trade secrets used by the weavers of Weaving Southwest.

Upon completion of this five-day course you will walk away with your own Southwestern-style tapestry and the knowledge on which to base a lifetime’s worth of work!

This course will be catered to each student’s interests, experience and long-term goals. What to expect upon registration:

Before Class

  • A 30-minute phone call with Teresa, so you two can get to know each other. Teresa will contact you to discuss your textile-related background, weaving experience (if any), and what you hope to achieve in class.
  • Email communication with Teresa, to ensure that this class is geared to suit your tapestry weaving dreams.
  • A booklist that is sure to inspire you and help further your education in the Southwestern-style of tapestry weaving.

During Class

  • Use a pre-warped treadle loom for the duration of class. An optional warping class is available; see details below.
  • Instruction on designing Southwestern-influenced tapestries and rugs.
  • Instruction covering all aspects of Southwestern-style tapestry weaving.
  • Instruction on tricks of the trade used by the weavers of Weaving Southwest.
  • Instruction on various finishing techniques.
  • Plenty of one-on-one time with Teresa, to ensure you are getting everything to hope to out of this course.
  • Inspiration from fellow weavers.
  • Access to a huge array of Weaving Southwest’s hand-dyed Rio Grande Yarns.
  • Class will run from 10 AM – 5 PM every day.
  • Teresa will be available until 5:30 PM, in case you need extra tutoring after class.
  • An hour-long lunch break will be taken at 1 PM.
  • You are welcome to take breaks when needed.

After Class

By the end of class you will have formed a solid relationship with Teresa and Weaving Southwest. If you have any questions after this course, you are more than welcome to contact Teresa with questions about any of the materials covered in class  -  or even if you just need a little inspiration or more information about Southwestern-style tapestry weaving.

Cost and Details

  • $640 per student for the 5-day class. Tuition assistance available for islanders. Please inquire when you register.
  • 12 student maximum.
  • All materials, including hand-dyed Rio Grande Yarns and Worsted Wool Warp, are included in the class cost.
  • You will receive a 20% discount on any yarns purchased from Weaving Southwest during class.
  • You don’t have to bring anything except for a good attitude and a little bit of patience

Optional Warping Class, June 4

If you would like to learn how to warp your loom for this style of weaving, we would like to invite you to join us for a one-day warping workshop with Teresa. This will take place the day before the weaving class. Cost is $125 per student, all materials included.

Rio Grande yarns drying in the road.

Rio Grande yarns drying in the road.

About Teresa

Teresa and her grandmother

Teresa and her grandmother

Teresa Loveless was born into a family of artists, architects and inventors. At the age of four her grandmother, Rachel Browngrande dame of the original Weaving Southwest, gave Teresa her first loom and taught her to weave. Throughout her childhood she explored various art forms, enjoying playing with color texture and design. Her mother, Lorelei, taught her the art of silversmithing, her father, Keith, taught her the joy of creating architectural plans..... In 2008, Teresa ventured back to her hometown, Taos, New Mexico, to be closer to her family and to regroup before setting out on her next adventure. When she arrived home, her grandmother invited her to come weave at her shop while she was making plans for her future. Quickly, everything began to fall into place. Within a couple months, with the encouragement of her family, the then-nomadic young woman, decided to dig her roots into her hometown and take over her grandmother’s business, Weaving Southwest...  After closing the business temporarily to concentrate on being a mom, in July 2012, Teresa decided to reopen Weaving Southwest in the little village of Arroyo Seco, where Teresa (and her mother) was raised and where her grandmother had started her first fiber business, The Craft House, almost 50 years before. For Teresa and her family, this felt like everything had come full circle....

Teresa has realized that most people don’t know what goes into creating woven rugs and clothing, and she has dedicated herself to educating people about fiber arts. When people come into her shop, drawn in by the vibrant colors of hand-dyed yarn, they see the weavings of many of the Southwest's preeminent contemporary tapestry artists. They see weavers at work on looms. And they ask questions of Teresa who explains the process from the sheep and the selection of wool to hand dying the yarn to the finished textiles. She encourages people to try out different looms, to take a variety of classes, and to learn different techniques. Like her Grandmother Rachel before her, Teresa wishes to make weaving accessible.

To hear an interview with Teresa on The 51%: Conversations with Creative Women, click here.

Stephanie Hoppe weaving "Like a River" with Rio Grande hand-dyed Rug yarn

Stephanie Hoppe weaving "Like a River" with Rio Grande hand-dyed Rug yarn

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